Are you an artist ?

Artist websites the Do,do,do’s and the Don’t,don’t,don’t’s  !!! We read an online article about what your artist website should have and should not . The article was from the website Art Business . Great pointers here for any artist wishing to increase their online presence. So for a guideline we’ve summed up the article with their main…

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My Actors Website !!!

My Actors Website – Hmmm !!!! So your an actor, and you ask yourself – Hey do I really need a website ? Aren’t all my social media profiles good enough – Hmmm !!!! Sure that will do I can send my numerous links to everyone and they wont get confused – or will they…

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The Facets of a Social Network

The Facets of a Social Network By Michael Cohn Your online social communities and the way that you conduct social networking are critical to your continued (and increasing) success as a business owner. Social networks are still increasing in strength and number on a steady, regular basis. It is important to understand how the facets…

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