My Actors Website !!!

My Actors Website – Hmmm !!!!

So your an actor, and you ask yourself – Hey do I really need a website ? Aren’t all my social media profiles good enough – Hmmm !!!!

Sure that will do I can send my numerous links to everyone and they wont get confused – or will they ?

Well if they don’t they sure as hell might get a tiny bit cheesed off having to click on multiple links to this website and this one and Oh ! this one as well !!!

The solution – Your website with all the information a potential client needs be it a casting or acting agent , potential manager or movie producer, yes you’ve got it all in the one webspace.

So how do you go about achieving your website creation? A little tip/plug is needed here – contact us at Digital@IGCtalent – enough said 😉 .

So here’s a few tips – What not to do and What to do ( with the help of Digital@IGCtalent of course)

What not to do ?

  • Design – There’s a lot of rubbish around. So contact us first and see what we can offer you.
  • I am a third being – If you’re a biggy, that’s cool you probably have the PR machine behind you – if not write your news/blog as you. After all it’s YOUR website, get personal – that’s what your public likes 🙂
  • Egotistical bio’s – It’s annoying and might lead to some of your potential fans or clients ending up feeling a slightly not so savoury coloured green.
  • Flashy websites – Ah a flash website – WHOW!! they look amazing. Maybe so but an amazing website is not much use if in this day and age you can’t view it on any other device except a desktop, after all who carries their desktop out and about with them these days ? ( We would like to add a little note here – All Digital@IGCtalent websites are fully responsive as standard – Cool – Right !!! )
  • I need to update – So you have new images from your latest premiere or you want to let your public know how your doing – well make sure you can update your website yourself, otherwise it stagnates and hey no one wants that smell , it can be unbearable 🙁

So enough about what not to do and lets get positive with all the things you should do to make your website Fantastico !!!

  • Professional email – Comes standard with most hosting – is much better than ( Isn’t it ? )
  • Show reels –  don’t send users to this website and that , embed them all on your website .
  • Not another head shot – Don’t just show your professional head shots, it can be a bit on the boring,boring side. Include promotional photos, press photos and/or behind the scenes shots of you on set or at a première event.
  • Social connections – Include links to your Twitter and Facebook (if you have them – if not we will set them up for you) and create a newsletter and encourage visitors to sign up for your latest updates.
  • Finally and most importantly your Bio – A good bio goes a long way baby !!!!!

So you proably want to take five after reading this – that’s cool.

Remeber though if it’s a “That’s a wrap people ” your looking for in your website contact us here..

Break a leg 🙂

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